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Goran Held
Design Draftsmen

Years Experience: 25

Educational Background:  School of Architecture, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Secondary Background: CAD, 3-D modeling, hand renderings, web-design and maintenance, IT and PC set-up and maintenance.

Professional Background: Specialization in high-end custom residential design and drafting

Role at UBG: Goran is responsible for converting the design level drawings into engineered working drawings. He has a strong understanding of construction methods and this along with his many years of experience in the design industry allow him to draw all the required plans, elevations, sections, connections and various details that help streamline the building process. Goran also coordinates with our engineers to ensure all the necessary structural notes and considerations are made up-front. He is an expert in evaluating the existing site conditions to ensure that the new work is architecturally integrated into the original structure. Goran is also seasoned and experienced in providing Mecklenburg County with all the required drawings needed to pass “plan review” prior to permit eligibility.

Background: Goran brings 25 years of experience in residential design drafting. He like so many in the design industry realized at a young age that he had a passion for the arts. He noticed at a young age that he preferred his dads art books over kids coloring books. By high-school he was already committed to the vocation and attended an architectural technical school. Goran is a self described perfectionist and neat-freak. This of course makes for a great draftsman. Goran came to United States and Charlotte 20 years ago and witnessed the city’s growth. He has worked on plans for many of Charlotte’s mansions. Goran is married, enjoys spending time with friends and family, loves reading about philosophy, spirituality, technology and science, loves to listen to music, enjoys a good movie (any genre, sci-fi particularly), watching football, basketball and Formula 1. He loves working in the remodeling sector of design because every project is different and requires thinking and problem solving.



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Thanks Again! The bath turned out great and my clients really love the work you all did.

- Kelly Frenzel

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